Course Registration Resource Page

Students should contact their Faculty Advisor each semester to develop an academic plan for course registration. Online and off site students who do not self-register should continue to contact their Online Student Advisor at (800) 645-8603, option #1 to register for courses each semester. Note: The Advisors can only register you until Add/Drop Week, which is the first week of each semester/session, at which time you must submit a signed Add/Drop Form to the Registrar’s Office in order to adjust your schedule (see “Add/Drop Week” below under “Important Registration Tips").

1/ Check your Pacific Oaks College email regularly for registration announcements and other news from the school.

2/ Students are expected to meet with their faculty advisor each semester to receive course advisement before registering. New students should refer to their acceptance letter to identify their faculty advisor or contact the Program Manager or Associate Dean of your program.

3/ After receiving course schedule advising, you may register through Course Search, accessible through the Student Gateway at > my courses > course search. Registration will open the seventh week of every semester.*Step by step instructions on how to register for classes through Course Search available here: Course Search Tutorial.   

4/ After completing registration, be sure to print your schedule. Any changes made to your schedule may result in academic ramifications and/or a change in your financial aid award. Please notify your Enrollment Counselor or Online Student Advisor and the Office of Student Finance when adding or dropping courses, withdrawing from the college, or taking a leave of absence.

5/ Check Canvas for your course syllabus, book list, and additional course information. 

6/ Be sure to post attendance within the first three days of each course. Your financial aid is contingency upon your attendance. 

Important Registration Tips

Open Registration will end a few weeks before the end of each semester and students will no longer be able to add and drop courses themselves after this time. Once Open Registration closes, in order to adjust your registration, you must submit a signed Add/Drop Form to the registrar’s office. Forms are available at > My Registrar > Academic Record Forms. These forms can only be submitted until the last day of Add/Drop Week, which is the first week of each semester/session.

If you must adjust your registration after the term begins, it is imperative that you post attendance immediately in each class you have added. If you do not post attendance in a class by the end of Add/Drop Week, you will be dropped from the class and may possibly be dropped from the school.

In order to maintain continuous enrollment with Pacific Oaks College, students must be registered for and attend courses in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. They must participate in any combination of terms spanning a 15/12 week period. This may include:

• Courses in the 15/12 week semester
• Courses in session I (8 week session) and session II (7 week session)
• Courses in the 15/12 week semester, and any combination of courses in session I and/or session II 

Students not meeting this policy will be administratively withdrawn from the school. Please see the Academic Catalog for more information.

Occasionally a situation may arise where a student must register for a course after the Add/Drop Week, such as being unregistered from a course due to non-attendance or adjusting a schedule to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. Students may petition to be added late by submitting an Add/Drop Form along with a General Petition Form. Petitions will be reviewed by the Late Registration Committee during the second week of the semester/session only. Petitions will only be approved for situations involving extenuating circumstances and may incur a $100 late registration fee. The forms page may be found here

If you have an outstanding balance with Student Accounts or an admissions contingency, meaning you have not submitted transcripts or test scores requested in admissions decision letter, you will be placed on a hold and will not be able to register. Please be sure to check your student portal to verify you do not have a Student Accounts or Admissions Contingency hold prior to the start of Open Registration.

When self-registering, please pay attention to course numbers and section codes so you don’t inadvertently register yourself in the wrong course. Undergraduate courses will always be 300 & 400 while graduate courses are 500 & 600. Courses that meet at the Pasadena Campus will have section codes such as 1P, 2P, 3P, and online classes will have the code ONL. Other course codes such as AA4, LC17, LACC, 1B, 2B, etc. are for specific cohorts. If you are not in a cohort, you cannot enroll in these courses.

If you cannot remember your username or password, please contact the Help Desk at 800.4645.8603, option #3.