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Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Registration Begins Monday, May 18, 2015

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MFT Student Registration Information

All MFT students please read the following message in its entirety.  

MFT students are enrolled in three different MFT programs.  If you are enrolled in the Self-Paced traditional program, your courses are indicated with a“P” to distinguish from the other specialization courses. If you are in the AAFS specialization, your courses are indicated with an “AA”, and if you are in the Latina/o specialization program, your courses are indicated with an “LC”. For example, MFT 560 1P is a self- paced course, while MFT 560 LC is a Latina/o cohort course. Please check your registration carefully; as you are to take only those courses offered during the semester for the program you are in. 

Enroll in Both Online and Ground Courses for Added Flexibility

All Human Development and School of Education Pacific Oaks College students have the option of enrolling in online courses, ground-based courses, or both in any given semester -- allowing students to create their own unique course of study that responds to their need for maximum flexibility.  This enhanced option allows students the freedom to select from a variety of courses in either delivery format.  NOTE: International students are subject to regulations that limit the number of online courses they can complete and should consult with the CARE Office for details regarding such limitations. 

Current 100% Online students who are interested in taking ground-based courses should consult with the Student Advisor at 800.645.8603 #1 or regarding registration.  

Self-Introduction Due For ALL Courses

If you are enrolled in a Fall 2015 or Fall 2015 I ground course or Fall 2015 I online course,  a self-introduction must be posted via Canvas between Monday, September 7 and Wednesday, September 9. Self-Introductions for Fall 2015 II ground and online courses must be posted between Monday, November 2 and Wednesday, November 4. Information regarding course self-introductions may be obtained by contacting your professor during the first week of the semester/session. 

Fall 2015 Booklists and Course Offerings



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Education and Early Childhood Education

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