Emergency Information

Pasadena Campus - Emergency Preparedness Manual

Pacific Oaks is committed to the safety and security of all its members.  In times of emergency the College will provide an appropriate campus-wide response to ensure safety and to reduce loss.

This Emergency Preparedness Manual is intended to assist all faculty, staff, and students in responding to emergencies which may occur while on a Pacific Oaks campus.  Such emergencies can occur at any time and without warning, but their effects may be minimized if proper emergency procedures are followed.

Emergency preparedness is first and foremost an individual responsibility.  This manual will serve as a quick reference for efficient action during emergencies, and should be kept in an easily accessible location.  This manual is not intended to be the definitive answer to each emergency that may arise; however faculty, staff, and students should take time to read and become familiar with its’ contents before an emergency occurs.  Nevertheless, in all instances, one’s best judgment should be followed.

Should there be any questions or comments regarding this material, please contact an Emergency Response Team Member listed in the guide.

Stay safe.

Michelle Mendez
Michelle Mendez
Office Manager
Office Services & Facilities
Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School

Yug Fon Chiquito
Yug Fon Chiquito
Director of Finance, Office Services & Facilities
Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School


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