Emergency Evacuation

If an emergency situation arises and a campus must evacuate any of its facilities, the goal of the institution will be to keep unaffected campuses open and operating on a normal class and business schedule. The institution is prepared to evacuate any campus, and will do so in the event or perceived potential of danger.

A campus should be considered for closure when:

  • there is significant physical threat of injury or harm to employees and/or students;
  • there is widespread inaccessibility or malfunctioning of transportation systems;
  • the local government advises business to cease operations; or
  • a physical disaster has occurred and the buildings are uninhabitable.

The campus President should consider for each campus whether classes should be cancelled and whether business operations should close. The decision to close all or any one campus will be made for a period of one business day unless there is physical destruction of a building. Each day a new decision will be made regarding the need to remain closed.