Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities

In the event of an emergency, individuals who use wheelchairs and other individuals with disabilities should make individual decisions based upon the circumstances presented. Suggested only procedures are as follows:

  •  Move toward the nearest and safest exit and follow the general procedures for evacuation.
  •  As a first choice, use the building elevator, if any, but never in the case of a fire or earthquake.
  •  If there is a fire or an earthquake—or if there is an obstruction in the pathway—request assistance from others in the area and/or if a telephone is available notify 911 and an ERT member of your exact location.
  •  If assistance is not immediately available, stay in the exit corridor or the stairway landing.  Continue to call for help until rescued. Individuals who cannot speak loudly should carry a whistle or have other means of attracting attention.
  •  Emergency personnel will first check all exit corridors and exit stairwells for any trapped persons.
  •  If you use a wheelchair, or have any other mobility impairment, please advise the CARE office upon arrival on campus at (626) 529-8260.
  •  It is suggested that any individuals requiring additional assistance during an emergency preemptively instruct co-workers or fellow students on how best to assist them in an emergency.