Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The people chosen are familiar with the names and faces of all employees in a Pacific Oaks office.

Pacific Oaks College has designated the following primary positions for the Emergency Response Team.

The ERT consists of the following members:

Area Captains
45 Eureka:  Frank Frias and Michelle Mendez
55 Eureka:  Bao Le
Roaming Captains:  Carolyn Mathis and Yug Fon Chiquito

Building 45 Response Teams
Southwest Team:  Siranoush Tokatlian and Amy Seyerle
Areas:  President’s Office, Registrar, Student Finance, Advancement, HR

Northwest Team:  Seph Rodriguez and Molly Spragg
Areas:  Admissions, Office Services, Finance

Searchers:  Brian Hayes and Shannon Corder
Areas:  Remote areas, all rooms and restrooms

Building 55 Response Teams
Southwest Team:  Jordan Morton and Ghia Johnson
Areas:  HD, MFT, ED, Online

Northwest Team:  Pat Meda and Paul Popiel
Areas:  CARE Office, Library, Mailroom, Facilities, IT

Searchers:  Tim Sundeen and Elena Rotunno
Areas:  Remote areas, all rooms and restrooms