Fire Emergency Procedures for Non-Business Hours

This emergency information was developed for the possible event of an emergency at an instructional site or when the college’s administrative offices are closed: weekends and weekdays after 6 p.m.  

If the emergency is life threatening or extreme in nature, one should dial 911 immediately. 

All emergencies should be reported to the Facilities & Office Services Manager, faculty, department assistant, or staff member of the college.

Staff and/or faculty should contact the Office Manager in the event of an emergency at (626) 318-8790.  Gold colored “All Emergencies” flyers are posted in 45 and 55 Eureka buildings as well as instructional site locations providing emergency contact information.

If the nature of the emergency requires that Pacific Oaks College must call the student or employee’s emergency contact, then the Office Manager will contact the AVP of Student Services or the Director of Human Resources.

In the event that the Office Manager cannot reach the AVP of Student Services or Director of Human Resources, the “Emergency Tree” on the next page will be used.