To further the convenience of our program offerings, Pacific Oaks College can also come to your place of work to provide your program in a “cohort model” format. For example, we can teach an entire group of teachers at a school district, or employees at an early childhood center—to enable those individuals to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in a convenient and cohesive fashion. Within this model, students at offsite locations journey through their programs and courses as a unified group (known as a cohort) and emerge with an enduring, supportive, professional networks.

Cohort Benefits

Programs Offered in a Cohort

Program Requirements

Students who are interested in pursuing an academic program at Pacific Oaks College through the cohort format must meet the admissions requirements of that program in order to begin classes.

If you have completed a degree outside of the United States, please have an evaluation conducted to ensure that your degree is equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree. Pacific Oaks College requires evaluations from a NACES approved evaluation agency and recommends:

  • World Education Services
  • Educational Perspectives
  • International Education Research Foundation

Please also note that Pacific Oaks College does not pay the cost of a credential evaluation. This fee must be paid by the student.

Cohort Tuition

A cohort with 17 or more enrolled students may receive the Cohort Tuition Rates. To maintain this tuition rate, students must remain at the original cohort location for the duration of their program. See sample chart below.

 2015-2016 Tuition per Credit Hour
 Degree Type  Tuition Rate Cohort
Tuition Rate
Undergraduate  $758 $606


 *Subject to change


For further information, see Costs and Financial Aid.

Cohort Locations

According to standards set forth by WASC, our regional accrediting body, cohorts must fall within a 25 mile radius of the Pasadena campus for 100% face to face instruction.


Blended Cohorts

Combining the power of face to face instruction, the supportive community of the cohort model, and the flexibility and convenience of online learning, Pacific Oaks College now offers an innovative learning format that provides an optimal learning experience for adult students. Students in Pacific Oaks’ “blended” cohorts complete most of their coursework with faculty and their cohort classmates at the Pasadena campus, enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge learned best through a collaborative classroom environment.  By supplementing the classroom with online coursework, the commitment to be on campus on a set schedule is minimized through learning which is well-supported through online engagement and research. 

  • Online coursework is completed through Pacific Oaks’ advanced online Canvas platform.
  • Each student in the cohort is assigned a student services advisor who provides ongoing support and assists them from the day they enroll until the day they graduate.
  • Students may access campus faculty, staff, and student services when on campus.
  • Students may also access Pacific Oaks’ online bookstore and library make gathering the resources needed to complete coursework stress-free.

Students will be able to access our learning platform with either Windows or a Mac. Please visit our Technical Requirements page for further information.

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