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Welcome to Pacific Oaks

If this is your first experience with Pacific Oaks College, I want to personally let you know what a great experience it is to be a Pacific Oaks student. As a Pacific Oaks student, I experienced a transformation in myself, not only in what I know about myself, but how to translate that knowledge into working with children, students, and faculty. I seek opportunities for social change and justice in our communities. That is why I encourage you to consider Pacific Oaks College as your next educational setting.

At Pacific Oaks College:

We are flexible and convenient. We realize that most of our students work during the day; by having weekend classes, you may come to class refreshed and ready to learn.

We are diverse and affirming. Our student body and faculty are diverse in ethnicity, cultural, educational, and experiential backgrounds.

We value your life experience. All of our students bring unique experiences of working with children and adults to the classroom, which enriches the discussions and learning experiences for everyone. Through our Credit for Learning from Experience options, Pacific Oaks students are able to capitalize on their professional knowledge to apply work experience towards accelerating their degree completion.

We are supportive. You will journey through your classes with a group of people that you know are life-long learners and supportive of your goals.

I hope by now you are intrigued and want to come to an information session to find out how you can make a difference in your community.


Marian Browning
Northern California Instructional Sites

Instructional Site Information:

To make our programs accessible to the greatest number of students, Pacific Oaks offers programs at a number of locations in addition to our main campus in Pasadena. Our off-campus locations offer you the quality of a Pacific Oaks education with the convenience that you need today. Regardless of the instructional site you study at, you will have access to support services (in person or by email/phone) as our Pasadena-based students. If you are interested in opportunities to hold courses and create instructional sites in Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Salinas, Chico, and Visalia, please contact us.

Bay Area Instructional Site - NEW LOCATION

1245 South Winchester Blvd., Suite 108
San Jose, CA 95128


Programs Offered:

Learn more about our bachelor's-completion and master's programs offered at our instructional sites:

Meet the Instructional Sites Team:

Marian Browning, Director, Northern California Instructional Sites
Manaal Kamal, Enrollment Counselor
Mabelis Melgar, Administrative Support
Dionne Clabaugh, Core Faculty, School of Human Development

Attend an Information Session & Learn More:

Interested in learning more about the educational experiences at our various instructional sites located across California? Attend one of our upcoming admissions events. Learn more about those coming soon to your area.

Student Resources:

Students at our instructional sites have access to the same support services and resources as students on our main Pasadena campus including: tuition discounts, financial aid, scholarships and computers for loan. For a full list of student resources we’re proud to offer our students, visit our Student Services page.