Evangeline Burgess Memorial Lecture Series

Burgess_head_shot.jpgThe annual Evangeline Burgess Memorial Lecture Series features widely recognized leaders in the field of human development and early childhood education.

The series was instituted in memory of Pacific Oaks College's first president, Evangeline Burgess, who had a clear vision of the important role of early childhood education and recognized the need for well-educated teachers for young children.

After joining Pacific Oaks Children's School shortly after its founding, she developed a teacher education program that paved the way for the opening of Pacific Oaks College in 1959. Under her leadership, the College added programs to prepare nursery school teachers. She also initiated the school's first research programs and established the cooperative master's degree program with nearby colleges.

Despite her untimely death in 1965, Pacific Oaks continued to grow and flourish as the time for early childhood education was ripe and opened new avenues for prospective teachers.

The inaugural lecture was delivered in 1968 by early childhood expert Milton J.E. Senn of Yale University.

2016 Lecturer: Dr. Yong Zhao | 2015 Lecturer: Dr. Michael Thompson | 2014 Lecturer: Dr. Daniel Siegel  | 2013 Lecturer: Dr. Wendy Mogel | 2012 Lecturer: Barbara T. Bowman | 2011 Lecturer: Julie Olsen Edwards  | 2010 Lecturer: Betty Jones

View a slide show of the 2011 event.