Jobs for African American Studies Majors

A masters in African American studies is a degree that may not be well known to many. This degree provides students with the skills and tools necessary to form a better understanding of the modern world from a global context, while learning both national and international components that factor into their concentrated fields. 

Students who complete courses in African American studies will learn a variety of material including:

  • A firm understanding of African American literature and art;
  • An understanding and definition of the role of major players, intellectuals, movements, and ideas behind the African American culture;
  • How to develop the skills to think globally and critically;
  • How to learn to analyze the external and internal factors that affect the way African American people have developed throughout the years;
  • And to be aware of the important disciplines and theories that are represented by the African American people, including the important issues and themes that have influenced the culture throughout history.

To give you a better idea of the types of jobs and work settings that you can obtain with a masters in African American studies, below is a list of potential job titles. These titles and employment options are definitely not a complete list, however it can give you an idea of what you can reasonably expect. The employment possibilities for this field are continually changing, and therefore so are the job offerings and titles. The list below is being offered as a means to give you a bit more insight into what can be done with an African American studies degree, as well as how the precise skills and training can be used.

  • Media relations specialist throughout the corporate industry;
  • Governmental coordinator for the travel and tourism industry;
  • Foreign Service specialist for various United States Embassies;
  • Local, State, and Federal government official for community and/or cultural development;
  • Foreign Service officer for the United States Department of State;
  • Director or community mobilization director for humanitarian aid organizations, such as USAID.

There are also more specialized careers that can be obtained in this field; however they do require a more advanced degree. These careers include:

  • Attorneys;
  • Professor of Diversity or Multicultural Studies;
  • Professional Counselor;
  • Director or assistant director of multicultural services at the college or university level;
  • Manager of corporate diversity programs.

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