M.A. Organizational Leadership and Change

Program Description

Pacific Oaks' online M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Change program is based upon the theory that leadership requires knowledge, skill, and deep self-knowledge to be authentic, and that authentic leadership is essential to creating organizations with sustainable value.

Graduates from our Organizational Leadership and Change program will understand that establishing responsible and ethical relationships, valuing and respecting each individual, and leading with passion and purpose are all necessary to insure that organizations achieve goals that are aligned with the public good.

Through the development of management and leadership competencies grounded upon respect for human capacity, graduates will be prepared to become leaders of change, able to navigate the complexity and unpredictability of various organizations and to transcend cultural, political, and national barriers.

Unlike a more traditional MBA, societal considerations are not relegated to theory, but integrated with the development of each competency, providing for a more dynamic understanding of how these considerations directly affect organizational needs.

A primary learning outcome of the Organizational Leadership and Change program, capacity for critical self-reflection and moral comprehension, helps guide leaders to bring social justice, advocacy, and respect for diversity and individualism into organizations and the world.

  • Offered online.
  • May be completed in as little as 14 months full time, or 20 months part time.
  • This culture-centered education emphasizes relevancy and strategy to managing a diverse workforce.


Human Development

Total Credits



  • Business Organizational Leadership
  • Education Organizational Leadership
  • Non-Profit Organizational Leadership
  • Professional Practice Leadership



Fieldwork Requirements



  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution

Sample Courses

Leading Organizational Change and Development

This course introduces students to the 2020 Workforce in regards to understanding how to lead today’s organization, manage organizational changes, and develop both an organization and its human assets. Today’s workforce is filled with the most diversity ever seen in the American workforce. It consists of five American generations and all ethnicities from countless countries and cultures. Organizational change is never easy, it takes strong leadership, vision, strategy, communication, and the ability to work with a diverse group of employees both in-house and virtual. This course will provide insights into the current and future workforce. It will also help a leader break down possible barriers by identifying its current state and ensuring employees work within their strengths.

Project and Operational Management

Critical to the successful execution of an organization’s strategic plan and goals is an understanding of the operational models by which an organization is based. Project planning models will be identified for leaders to enhance their skills and direction to promote efficient and effective goal achievement.

Human Diversity and Ethics

This course focuses on the influences, challenges and values related to diversity and ethics in the global workplace and the multiple influences on strategic planning, decision making and problem solving. Today’s leaders must skillfully navigate relationships with multiple stakeholders, internal and external, while leading with a moral compass based on social equity, justice, fairness and respect while ensuring the sustainability of the organization. Conflict management strategies will be identified and applied through relevant case studies.