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The Pacific Oaks Library endeavors to realize its purpose by creating an educational environment which nourishes respect for individual and group identity, supports and inspires the research activities of the community, encourages academic dialog, promotes self-understanding, and fosters for its faculty and students a spirit of free and open inquiry consistent with the recognized values of academic freedom.

The Pacific Oaks Library fulfills its mission by providing in various formats resources necessary for undergraduate and graduate-level study in the fields of education, human development, mental health, teacher education, and early childhood education, instructing its student population in research and information organization practices with the goal of self-sufficiency to promote life-long learning.


Education: Our primary goal is to educate our library patrons with the objective of creating life-long learning practices. We seek to provide and inform so that our students may enrich other areas of their lives with the skills they have acquired at our library, for personal and professional growth.

Diversity: We support students' diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, providing and instructing in ways that meet their individual, unique needs, keeping in mind learning styles derived from multiple intelligences. We uphold the values of culture-centered education within the framework of social justice.

Applications of Technology: We strive to expand our own technological knowledge and relevant implementation in order to keep our students competitive in the professional marketplace. We instruct our students in the latest applicable, emergent and existing technologies, with a respect for the intended use of the technology itself, and in following with the legal and moral social codes applied to such resources.

Unity: We seek to establish a community of students and faculty who are capable of communicating in a scholarly, professional manner with regard to information resources and knowledge exchange. We are committed to establishing the library as a community center where students may investigate and express their own academic creativity individually, and as a population of scholars.

Collaboration: We respect the voices and opinions of others and work cooperatively toward educating and learning as a group. We work together to strengthen the quality of our organization.