Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement*

(Approved by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 2011)

Grounded in its social justice heritage, Pacific Oaks College prepares students to be culturally intelligent agents of change serving diverse communities in the fields of human development, education, and related family studies.


Core Values

Central to the Quaker tradition and history of Pacific Oaks is the value we place on the individual. This translates into several core values we live by at Pacific Oaks.

We respect and value each individual. We strive to create a work environment that is pleasant, challenging, and promotes excellence in performance. We ask that all members of the Pacific Oaks community be willing to engage actively in thought and discussion as we learn about the nature, dynamics, and impact of bias on the individual.

We value and promote the diversity of our work force. In our Quaker tradition, we actively seek out diversity in our students and employees.

Social Justice
We strive to ensure and to teach the principles of equal opportunity and fairness for all and to recognize the ways in which theories, practices, and institutions can be biased and oppressive.

Participatory decision-making
We work to ensure participation in decision making, where and when appropriate. We value the input from diverse and varying perspectives to ensure we remain true to our mission.


*As a result of an institutionwide strategic planning process that included faculty, staff, and student representation, Pacific Oaks College has revised its mission statement. The language of the new statement respectfully honors the historical foundation of the college and strategically positions Pacific Oaks College for future growth.