Student Achievement & Outcomes


Pacific Oaks College is committed to its students' learning and success. Educational processes and outcomes are aimed at transformational learning that supports students' holistic development. The College's academic programs enable graduates to serve children and families in our increasingly diverse world.

The information on this website is intended to help prospective students and others evaluate the College's educational goals and the student outcomes of the education we provide. We encourage prospective students to use this information as you seek the right college to pursue your educational goals.

Pacific Oaks College Mission and Learning Outcomes

  • Student learning at Pacific Oaks College involves several elements, starting with the Pacific Oaks Mission Statement.
  • Pacific Oaks, in Quaker tradition, is typically cooperative, non-hierarchical, and particularly attentive to the voices of others.
  • Pacific Oaks strongly supports and encourages learning that is intrinsically motivated.

Learning outcomes, developed through faculty conversations and meetings, identify what our students should know and be able to do—knowledge, skills, and values—after completing our programs. College learning outcomes are imbedded in course content and the teaching methods employed by Pacific Oaks faculty.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Upon degree or program completion, students of Pacific Oaks College will leave with enhanced skills, knowledge, and values that empower them to:

  • Foster professional competence and collaboration with themselves and others
  • Integrate and apply multiple dimensions of child and family development theories
  • Implement social justice within multiple frameworks

College learning outcomes are connected to the program level outcomes.

Program Level Outcomes

The program level outcomes are specific to each Pacific Oaks academic program. Faculty members in each program monitor these closely to ensure that student learning and achievement meets program expectations.

Each course description is the learning contract that describes for the student what will be covered in the class. Curriculum for all classes is designed to address one or more of the College level outcomes, which are contained in the program level outcomes.

The learning objectives listed in each course syllabi (also may be referred to as student learning objectives, course objectives, course goals, etc.) are the connecting link between course material and the program level outcomes. Each class contains material that covers to some degree, one or more of the program level outcomes.

  • Using students' experience and lives as a framework, classes provide meaningful learning opportunities for synthesis of theoretical, developmental, and contextual information on aspects of human development.
  • Extensive reading, writing, and assignments geared toward demonstration of learning provide students with the environment, structure, and support for integration of course content.
  • Assessment, based in part, on rubrics, provides a link between the classroom and learning-centered evaluation of student's mastery of program level outcomes.
  • Students receive assessment and feedback through narrative evaluation at the end of a course.

Student Survey Results

The College periodically surveys its students to gain a better understanding of the degree to which broad College objectives are being met. The results provide insight into strengths and challenges as identified by Pacific Oaks students. The most recent student survey was fall 2008. See 2008 Adult Student Priorities Survey for highlights of those survey results. Check back soon for 2011 survey results.

Alumni Survey

The College plans to enhance its feedback on the student experience by conducting periodic alumni surveys. This will provide important feedback from former students about the Pacific Oaks educational experience and the value of their education in their professional and personal lives. It will also allow the College to assess the degree to which it is achieving its institutional outcomes, core competencies, and program learning outcomes for our alumni.

Retention and Graduation Rates

Retention and graduation rates for each Pacific Oaks program may be found at:

External Indicators of Student/Alumni Achievement

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