Culture-Centered Education

Our culture-centered approach defines who we are as a community of learners, and emphasizes the value we place on both human difference and commonality. 

Throughout every aspect of the Pacific Oaks experience, students are encouraged to recognize and nurture the uniqueness and inherent potential that each brings to the table, and to use the diversity of experience, heredity, abilities, and perspective to create a community of mutual understanding and respect.

Our definition of culture is not limited to a single descriptive factor, but instead encompasses the full breadth of what makes each of us who we are: race, gender, language, religious beliefs, social status, sexual orientation, value systems, family patterns, education, and expectations for behavior and interacting. It is the process of helping each student maintain a sense of belonging within his or her inherent culture while benefiting from an increasingly multicultural environment that is fundamental to the learning approach that Pacific Oaks offers.

Immersion in our culture-centered learning model not only provides students with a strong sense of individual and societal identity, but prepares them to incorporate multicultural skills and sensitivities into their professional lives.