What Our Students Say

Read what our students say about how their experience at Pacific Oaks College transformed their lives. If you are a student of Pacific Oaks and would like to submit your story for the website, please read our submission guidelines. We'd love to hear from you!


kristi_barragan3.jpg  "My greatest inspiration is when a student finally understands a concept they never thought they could learn, and they give me the ' Wow, I can do this!' look."
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Kristi Barragan

Gabriella_Chapman.jpg "Pacific Oaks is centered on the experience of the individual and welcoming them into a space that allows them to be authentic and real, without apology and embarrassment. It's grown producing in so many different ways-educationally and personally."
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Gabriella Chapman

Martha_Clark_web.jpg "If you're interested in transformation, you've come to the right place. Be open to the disequilibrium and trust the process."
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Martha Clark
B.A. '88/M.A. '90, Human Development
Life Coach, Adjunct Faculty Member

Kevin_Dolan.jpg "Every single class brings real-world perspective, whether it is something that deals with ethnic characteristics, children, teenagers, young adults, or the elderly. You get valuable perspectives from the faculty regarding their past and current history and also the evolution of their journey-personally and professionally. It is an introspective journey."
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Kevin Dolan

Silhouette.jpg "Pacific Oaks taught me that you learn from everybody around you. It's not like you sit, they tell."
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Joan Etherton Cochran
M.A. '02, Marital and Family Therapy
Co-founder, The Center for Grief and Loss for Children

Janet_Gonzalez-Mena_web.jpg "My biggest lesson at PO from every side was about equity and social justice."
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Janet Gonzalez-Mena
M.A. '76, Human Development
Retired Community College Teacher, Author, Diversity Trainer

Andrew_Kami_web.jpg "The professors were very supportive of my background and culturally competent."
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Andrew Kami
M.A. '08, Marital and Family Therapy

Sarai_Koo_web.jpg "Education is the gatekeeper. You need to get skills, knowledge, and opportunities to move forward."
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Sarai Koo
M.A. '06, Human Development
CEO, Counselor, and Educator, MAPS 4 College

Victor_Soto.jpg "You need a tool belt. One approach won't always work in the same situation."
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Victor Soto

Jayanti_Tambe.jpg "I discovered how to be comfortable being uncomfortable and learned that it was a good thing-it makes you grow, it makes you change, it makes you question. That has been my mantra ever since."
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Jayanti Tambe

Sue_Williamson_web.jpg "Everything you ever thought you knew about yourself and others will be challenged, and you will grow in ways you never expected."
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Sue Williamson
M.A. '04, Human Development
Executive Director, Monday Morning, Inc.