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Have You Been Affected By The Argosy Closure?

With the closing of Argosy University, you may be feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do next. How do you make sure that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste? Pacific Oaks College is here to answer your questions and help you find a pathway to complete your degree.

In coordination/partnership with Argosy University, we have implemented an official articulation agreement that allows you to seamlessly transfer your current college credit into some of our academic programs (see full list below).


List of transferable programs

Argosy University Program Pacific Oaks College Option Pacific Oaks School Locations
B.A. Psychology B.A. Community Psychology Pasadena, Online, San Jose
M.A. Counseling Psychology (MA CP) M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy and M.A. Cultural and Family studies (non-licensure) Pasadena, San Jose
M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction M.A. Education Pasadena, Online, San Jose
M.S. Organizational Leadership M.A. Organizational Leadership and Change Pasadena, Online, San Jose
M.S. Human Services M.A. Human Development, Leadership in Education & Human Services Pasadena, Online, San Jose


Teachout Programs

This program is only available to Argosy University BSBA students.

Argosy University Program Pacific Oaks College Option Available to Argosy University students from the following states:
B.S. Business Administration Online AK, CA, IL, UT, WY; AZ, CO, FL, HI, ID, ME, MA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NJ, ND, RI, SC, SD, TN, VT, VA


Is your program not listed?

If you do not see the program you are seeking to transfer from listed above, we may still have a degree program that provides you with an alternate pathway to completing your degree. Our Associate Vice President of Admissions is standing by and ready to evaluate your Argosy University transcripts on a course-by-course basis to provide you with answers regarding total transfer units, approximate time to completion, and cost.

What to do next

We understand that this is a stressful situation—but the sooner you begin the transfer process, the sooner we can begin to help.For information on your specific degree program and transfer units, please email Michael Patton, Pacific Oaks College Associate Vice President of Admissions, at [email protected] or 626-529-8500.

About Pacific Oaks College

A nonprofit, regionally accredited higher education institution, Pacific Oaks College offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in a variety of fields, including:

  • Human Development (B.A., M.A.)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy (M.F.T.)
  • Cultural and Family Studies (M.A.  non-licensure)
  • Education (B.A., M.A.)
  • Early Childhood Education (B.A., M.A.)
  • CA Teacher Credential (B.A., M.A. or stand-alone)
  • Community Psychology (B.A.)
  • Organizational Leadership (B.A., M.A.)
  • Advocacy and Social Justice (B.A., M.A.)