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ReGena Booze



ReGena Booze

Core Faculty

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  • Pacific Oaks
Pacific Oaks College & Children's School
Pacific Oaks College
Address Map of 55 Eureka St Pasadena CA 91103
55 Eureka Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
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ReGena M. Booze, Ph.D. is a member of the Core faculty at Pacific Oaks College. Her areas of specialization are in issues of child and adult development, diversity, antibias/ multicultural curriculum development and implementation, and mentoring. Her current research focuses on mentoring African American women into higher education, class issues that emerge during the mentoring process, and strategies and processes utilized by African American female students at predominantly White colleges and universities to deal with racism in higher education.During her formative years in Chicago, she learned about collectivistic ideology and, during her early adulthood in California, learned to channel that into social activism. Throughout those years she also learned to value learning just for the sake of knowing. "Thus I believe, unbeknownst to me, I was actually preparing myself to teach." She has been a classroom teacher since 1972 and her students have ranged in ages from 14 days old to well over 80 years young. ReGena Booze came looking for a job at Pacific Oaks in 1982 and stayed! Starting in the Children's School, she's worked in the Child Care programs and the Preschool. She moved into administrative duties as the director of Alumni Affairs, Housing, Placement, and Recruitment and later as the Assistant Director in the Child Care program. She finally wound up on the college faculty and has been happily ensconced here since 1988. ReGena noted, "Pacific Oaks has been a growing place for me. Inasmuch as I have taught, I have also learned... and it has been a labor of love. I love what I do, and do what I love. I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner, with a moral obligation to pass on what I've learned. Sometimes this learning takes place in a formal setting, say in a classroom or lecture venue; other times it happens in a more informal process, one where information is either shared through discussion, gleaned through reading or observing, or actualized through experiential happenstance. I inculcate this learning into my daily life, and I pass on the knowledge much in the same manner I acquired it."

Education History
Degree Institution
Ph.D. Human Development The Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, California
M.A. Human Development Pacific Oaks College, Pasedena, CA
B.A. Sociology California State University, East Bay
Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Business/IO Psychology Organizational Psychology
Diversity Cultural Issues
Diversity Issues
Professional Skills
Anti-bias Curriculum, Diversity Issues Communication for Empowerment, Self Esteem Issues, Resilience Skills in Children and Adults, African-American Culture, Structural Inequality, African-American Women, Bicultural Issues, Parent Education, Worthy Wages, Empowering Early Childhood Professionals, Early Childhood Education, Personal Growth and Development (Early Childhood and Adult Education)