Various scenes include teachers and children in a classroom, families receiving counseling, woman walking. Narrator is female and of Latin ethnicity and speaks with enthusiasm.

“You’ve been doing this for a while “There were times when you had to struggle “And you made it through”
“Your experience has helped you land a job “Maybe you’ve managed to build a home “or raised a family “You’ve even used your experience to help out in your community”

Scenes include family playing on front porch, young man passing out food at food bank.

“Pacific Oaks values the experience that students bring with them into the classroom. “Our faculty will help you get the most out of your experience by applying it to new theories and concepts in a variety of fields. At our campuses at Pasadena and San Jose, online, or at any one of our many locations throughout California you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences in a dynamic learning environment where everyone is both student and teacher.”

Scenes include students smiling and collaborating in classroom.

“You may even be able to use your experience to satisfy credits toward a degree—saving both time and money. “All of your experience has taken you this far
“let it take you further.”