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A guide to teacher education programs in California

January 18, 2017

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Published: January 18, 2017

Many people, men and women alike, have come to the conclusion that their vocation in life is to teach and mentor children. These professionals want to mold the young minds and make each student believe that he or she is bright, special and has a promising future.

California is a true ‘melting pot’ with over 37 million residents. And the State of California takes the teaching of its children seriously. To receive certification, those wanting to join the ranks of the mind molders must earn a Bachelor’s Degree and complete a teacher education program that includes student teaching. Without teacher credentialing, the education degree alone does not suffice.

Because California is so diverse, the prospective teacher-to-be wants to attend an accredited teacher education program that affords a progressive, culture-centered model of education that moves beyond teaching a simplistic definition of human diversity to exploring the infinitely diverse backgrounds and contributions that each individual brings to the collaborative learning experience. The California culture is dynamic, it changes often. A college or university that offers teacher credentialing must remain alert to those changes so they can impart them to the men and women who will be working among the country’s future leaders.

Pacific Oaks College is an accredited higher education institution offering bachelor’s-completion and master’s programs in human development, marriage and family therapy, education, early childhood education, and teacher credentialing. Pacific Oaks College follows a progressive teacher education credentialing program model that prepares students to think critically about diversity, culture, and power in the classroom.

One of the most outstanding differences in comparing Pacific Oaks College to a traditional state university is Pacific Oaks College is dedicated to the principles of inclusion, social justice, and the valuing of every human being. The institution is known and recognized for its pioneering efforts to reduce bias within our nation’s education system, and for equipping graduates with the skills they need to help people from diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and strengths uncover and realize their unique individual potentials.

Men and women choose to become teachers because they love children. They love to guide them along the right path. They love to teach them everything there is to learn about the world around them: past, present and future. The teacher education program at Pacific Oaks gives its graduates the tools and knowledge to handle today’s culturally diverse classrooms with dignity and respect for both the teachers and the students.

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