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How to get an M.A. in Human Development

November 2, 2016

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Published: November 2, 2016

The human development master’s degree programs at Pacific Oaks are intended for those who wish to become organizational consultants, human resource professionals, social workers, administrators, or instructors. Human development programs build a foundational understanding of the sociological, emotional, biological, and psychological factors that contribute to an individual’s development—as well as how to apply that understanding to a variety of different fields. Participants in human development programs will learn how to work with individuals and families at all ages of the lifespan.

In order to enroll in a master’s program at Pacific Oaks College, students must show various levels of competency. Certain programs require letters of recommendation, while others demand a certain level of previous work experience. Click here to learn about the specific admission requirements for the M.A. in Human Development at Pacific Oaks.

While master’s programs continue on with human development theory, they also explore issues such as education, public policy, and counseling.  Courses are comprised of the following:

  • Child life studies;
  • Family crises;
  • Relationships between couples;
  • Later life issues for families;
  • Basic counseling practices;
  • Aging health phases;
  • Decision making for consumers;
  • Organization and administration of vocational cooperative education programs;
  • Applications for child development;
  • Public policies for consumers and families.
Categories: Blog

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