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How to get your M.A. in Early Childhood Education

January 18, 2017

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Published: January 18, 2017

Obtaining an M.A. early childhood education degree can be a challenging, but worthwhile, task.  Since there is an ever growing need for qualified and caring educators, jobs can be quite plentiful in certain areas.

The first step when looking into an early childhood education master’s program is to determine which type of degree is best for you.  This may be decided by the time and money you can invest in your education right now, and the type of job you hope to receive.

Next, you should look into the various early childhood education masters program options to determine if you would rather attend an online setting or a four year college. Online programs offer a great deal of flexibility; however they can lack personal interaction. Four-year colleges may offer a bit wider scope of degrees, and offer alternative options should you decide not to pursue an MA early childhood education degree.  No matter which academic setting you choose, always speak with a guidance counselor to find out what is offered, if financial assistance is available, and if there are off hours classes for working professionals.

When you have chosen and been accepted to a program, find out what loans, financial aid, and scholarships are available.  There is now a variety of government assistance programs offered for teachers, so look into those in your state.  Always be sure you meet all of the required prerequisites, and plan for any extra training or tutoring you may need.

If you have extra time off, such as the summer, volunteer to work with children in a real world education setting.  If you can get a part time job in this area, even better, but be aware there are many different camps, mentoring, and tutoring programs out there who desperately need people to volunteer to work with children.  This extra bit of experience not only looks good on an application, it can also provide you with valuable skills that you cannot acquire in a classroom.

Categories: Blog

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