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7 human development major concentrations you can pursue

January 31, 2018

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Published: January 31, 2018

Human development is a vast field of study. We’ve already reviewed how human development encompasses many disciplines: psychology, biology, sociology, and anthropology.

Now it’s time to get specific and talk about the concentrations you can focus on with a human development degree. At Pacific Oaks, we offer seven different degrees within our human development program. Plus, you can pursue a B.A or M.A. in human development in Pasadena, San Jose, or online.

Discover the different kinds of human development major concentrations you can study below.

1. Active Learning Across the Lifespan

The Human Development: Active Learning Across the Lifespan concentration provides a holistic foundation in human development. Core human development concepts are explored from infancy to adulthood, which prepares students for a wide variety of careers.

Sample courses for this human development degree program include “Play Across the Lifespan,” “Social and Political Contexts of Human Development,” and “Life-Span Learning and Education.”

This human development major is available as a:

2. Early Childhood Education and Development

This human development major is geared towards individuals who wish to work with children. It’s best for those who have some experience or education in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and helps prepare students to work with children in various education-related fields.

The ECE focus means that students get experience observing child behavior, working with bicultural and bilingual children, and learning psychosocial developmental theories.

Students can pursue this concentration as a:

3. Elementary Education

It’s common for human development majors to pursue careers in education. Obtaining a B.A. in Human Development with a focus on the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential prepares students to teach in California.

The program doesn’t just prepare students to teach—it also trains students on diversity, positive learning tools, and fostering a supportive learning environment.

This major is available as a:

4. Social Change

Human development doesn’t just apply to working in education. This human development major with a social change concentration trains students to work in community organization, politics, nonprofits, and similar fields.

Storytelling, grant writing, research, budget planning, and community building are among the skills students expand upon in this program. Sample courses include “Social and Political Contexts of Human Development” and “Education for Critical Consciousness.”

If you’re interested in studying human development with a focus on social change, this major is available as a:

5. Working with Adults

If you’re interested in a career working with adults, this human development major is for you. Whether you wish to work with the elderly in a retirement home or as an education administrator working with parents, this concentration prepares students to work with diverse individuals.

One course, “Life-Span Learning and Education,” covers how education reflects a culture’s values and how to enact educational change. This course covers learning at all stages of life. Other courses teach students on effective communication, problem-solving, leadership, and other skills necessary when working with adults.

This concentration is available as a:

6. Ecological Perspectives of Lifespan Development

Like the Active Learning Across the Lifespan B.A., this M.A. program offers a holistic education in human development. It’s specially crafted for individuals interested in working in cross-generational environments like community advocacy.

Students learn about conflict resolution, mediation, bicultural development, and societal issues with aging. Intersectionality is addressed in all courses.

You can pursue this human development concentration as an:

7. Leadership in Education and Human Services

This human development Master’s program trains students to become leaders in a variety of fields. Skills learned in this concentration can apply to administrative work, social services, adult education, and beyond.

Courses teach students about collaboration, leadership, team building, conflict resolution, and assessment. Students are required to complete fieldwork.

You can pursue this program as an:

Interested in pursuing a human development major?

Explore other resources from Pacific Oaks, including the courses you need to obtain a human development degree and how to get an M.A. in human development.


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