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Jus-tice: A word from Pacific Oaks

Published: April 24, 2018

n., The moral principle determining just conduct, peace, and genuine respect for people.

Social justice challenges the roots of oppression and injustice. It emboldens people to exercise self-determination and to realize their full potential. Most importantly, social justice builds solidarity and community capacity for collaborative action.

Our country’s need for skilled social justice advocates and change agents is greater now than ever before. Since our founding, the fabric of Pacific Oaks College has included the tenets of equity and inclusion. With our current social and political climate, the very meaning of social justice is reason for reflection. In this issue of Voices, we reflect and celebrate how social justice has motivated us into action at Pacific Oaks.

The cover story, “Trending: #FightForJustice,” explores how social movements have evolved and what tools are necessary for success today. Pacific Oaks is a part of that evolution with the launch of our new Advocacy & Social Justice programs, which represent our 72-year commitment to the Quaker principles of respect, diversity, social justice, and inclusion. It also represents our enduring legacy of developing relevant and progressive programming that responds to the urgent needs of our communities.

Of particular significance to Pacific Oaks is, of course, education. “A is for Access” explores how important quality early childhood education programs are for our youngest citizens. We see this idea in action in “A Greater Purpose” featuring alumna Denise Smith who is helping educate children affected by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Social justice means adding our voice to the conversation on controversial and relevant issues. We were moved by TIME’S UP’s pledge to combat sexual harassment for women everywhere, from show business to the working class. We also continue to support DACA to ensure educational opportunities for all of our students, as well as others who want to strive and ‘dream’. We ourselves strive to teach the principles of inclusion and

I am proud of Pacific Oaks’ ongoing work toward social justice. We empower our students and community members in their efforts to enhance human well-being, and promote economic and social justice for disadvantaged groups. We seek ways to respond to both current and long-standing cultural and political issues locally and globally. And we are advocates who will persist in engaging our institutions and communities for positive
social change.

Dr. Patricia A. Breen, President

Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School

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Trending: #FightforJustice

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