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President Pat Breen, Ph.D., announces retirement

January 23, 2019

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Published: January 23, 2019

resident Patricia A. Breen, Ph.D., is retiring from Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School after nine years of service.

President Patricia A. Breen, Ph.D.

President Patricia A. Breen, Ph.D., is retiring from Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School’s after nine years of working with the school. Dr. Breen, who has worked in the higher education field for more than 40 years, leaves behind a legacy of excellence and innovation.

“I leave Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School full of pride, and grateful for all we have achieved together,” Dr. Breen says. “Sharing in the marvelous journey of Pacific Oaks has been a great honor, and I will never forget my time here.”

 Dr. Breen discovered the Pacific Oaks’ community when the college affiliated with TCS Education System in 2010. As the then-senior vice president of academic affairs at TCS Education System, Dr. Breen played a key role in helping to recreate the strong academic and financial infrastructure Pacific Oaks needed to survive the changing economic and regulatory demands at that time. She became Provost of Pacific Oaks College in 2014 before officially becoming Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School’s 10th president in 2015.

Under her leadership, the San Jose branch campus opened in 2016 and Pacific Oaks solidified its roots in Pasadena with its property purchase in 2017. Dr. Breen also helped to usher in new programs at Pacific Oaks, starting with the Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Change program in 2017—the first program to incorporate coursework from each of PO’s three academic areas—followed by Advocacy & Social Justice later that year and Community Psychology in 2018.

“We thank Pat for her exemplary service to Pacific Oaks over the last five years,” says Fred Marcus, J.D., the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Pacific Oaks. “During her tenure, both the College and Children’s School have flourished and grown under her leadership and guidance. She’ll be missed.”

Dr. Jack Paduntin, the previous Chief Academic Officer for TCS Education System, is currently serving as Pacific Oaks’ Interim President through May 31, 2019. The Board of Trustees at Pacific Oaks are currently assessing the needs of the College and the Children’s School and developing a formal plan for the hiring of a new president.

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