Transfer Requirements

Transfer Requirements for Bachelor’s Applicants

To be eligible for admission to Pacific Oaks College at the BA level, students must have completed one of the following:


  • An earned AA or AS degree in ECE, Child Development, or another comparable academic area (vocational degrees and AAS degrees are not acceptable)


  • 60 transferable units: including 34 specific units of general education requirements and 26 elective units (students with 60 units may be missing up to 7 semester units of general ed may still be admitted but must finish coursework within their first two semesters enrolled at Pacific Oaks College


In order for credit to transfer, it must be college level and degree applicable coursework from a regionally accredited institution with a grade of “C” or higher (2.0 on a 4.0 grade scale), or be an approved Prior Learning Assessment (for further information, see below). Students may transfer in an additional 30 semester units for a maximum of 90 semester credits.


General Education Requirements

1. English Communication (2 courses, 6 semester units)

One course in English Composition and one course in an additional English Communication area such as Literature, Speech, Critical Thinking, Journalism, Creative Writing, or American Sign Language


2. Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course, 3 semester units)

One course in College Algebra, Statistics, Finite Mathematics, College Mathematics, Geometry, Calculus, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (this is just a sampling of courses)


3. Arts and Humanities (3 courses, 9 semester units)

Three courses with at least one from the arts such as: Fine arts, Art Appreciation, Photography, Music, Dance or Theater and one from the humanities such as Foreign Language, Humanities, History, Philosophy, Ethics or Religious Studies


4. Social and Behavior Studies (3 courses, 9 semester units)

Three courses from at least two disciplines or an interdisciplinary sequence and includes but not limited to: Psychology, Sociology, History, Government, Anthropology, Law, Economics, Human Geography


5. Physical and Biological Sciences (2 courses + lab component, 7-9 semester units)

One physical science course and one biological science or life science course, at least one of which includes a laboratory

Physical Science includes but not limited to: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Astronomy, Oceanography, Earth Science, Physical Anthropology, Physics

Life and Biological Science includes but not limited to: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Zoology, Ecology


Additional Ways of Earning Credit

Pacific Oaks College recognizes that students can obtain college level learning in a variety of ways outside the traditional classroom. Due to this thinking and understanding, Pacific Oaks College honors other forms of learning completed in a variety of different areas. Students with Prior Learning Assessment should contact the Office of the Registrar for review and possible transfer credit. These areas include:



For additional information on the transferability of credit and alternative options available for earning credit, please see the 2013/2014 Pacific Oaks College Catalog and Student Handbook.