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Pacific Oaks College offers a dynamic education that combines professional knowledge with a respect for the unique values and experiences of others.

At Pacific Oaks we combine professional knowledge with respect for unique values and experiences of others.


Advocacy & Social Justice program

We’re proud our new B.A. and M.A. Advocacy & Social Justice degree program. This program prepares graduates to create and catalyze positive change within their local communities and beyond.

New program for community leaders
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Knowledge from Within

Every experience is unique. It is in sharing that experience with others that we are able to explore new ideas and understand how to change the world around us.

Share your experience at Pacific Oaks and explore new ideas to change your community
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Prior Learning Assessment Credits

What you’ve learned on the job and in life can be as valuable as what’s learned in the classroom.

Through the Prior Learning Assessment process, students may earn up to 30 credit hours toward the completion of a degree—saving you time and money.

Through Pacific Oaks' Credit for Learning from Experience (CLE) program, you may earn up to 30 credit hours toward your degree
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Education Centered on Culture

Our classes foster a dynamic learning experience where your background and strengths are shared with others from around the world.

By sharing your stories and listening to those of your classmates, you will develop a truly global understanding of various fields that can be applied wherever you work or live.

Our classes foster a dynamic learning experience where your background and strengths are shared with others from around the world.
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Explore Our Areas of Study

Early Childhood Education Education Teacher Credentialing Human Development
Organizational Leadership & Change Advocacy & Social Justice Marriage & Family Therapy Psychology

Learning at Pacific Oaks


For over 70 years, Pacific Oaks has prepared students to serve diverse areas throughout California. With campuses in the Bay Area and Southern California, we provide a dynamic education that is inspired by and reflects the needs of the communities that surround us.

Flexible Learning Options

The versatility of our programs allows you to pursue a degree while maintaining other commitments. Become part of a dynamic and global student community in our online programs; participate in a unique learning experience at one of our remote instructional sites; or, we can come to your place of work through our cohorts.

What's Happening

B.A. and M.A. degree in Advocacy & Social Justice

Become an Agent of Change


M.A. ECE with a specialization in Organizational Leadership & Change

The knowledge you’ll need to succeed in Administration and Leadership.


Pacific Oaks San Jose Offers B.A. and M.A. Degree Programs On Campus in Your Community.

Education, Human Development, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Early Childhood Education.