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Alumni Association

Why become a member of the Alumni Association?

Resources and Educational Opportunities

The Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School Alumni Association provides educational, social, and networking opportunities to retain and strengthen friendships developed while a student at Pacific Oaks. We offer access to library and computer resources as well as meaningful programming such as professional development and alumni receptions.


Pacific Oaks prides itself on its community of change agents—the students, faculty, and alumni who are making a profound impact in the fields of education, human development, and family and cultural psychology. Our graduates are representations of the College’s philosophy and approach to learning; they embrace a respect for individual and cultural differences, a commitment to serve the underserved, and a dedication to the principles of social justice.
Who can join?

Pacific Oaks alumni are defined as graduates of the College who have received a Teaching Credential, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or any student who has attended the Children’s School. If you qualify in more than one graduate category, the most recent graduate date should be used to determine your membership category.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Alumni Association?

• Personalized membership card
• Access to library and borrowing privileges
• Use of Computer Lab
• Use of Career Services at the Center for Achievement, Resources and Enrichment (CARE) Office
• Guest network Wi-Fi access
• Retention of POC email address
• One-time initial membership gift
• Invitation to Evangeline Burgess Memorial Lecture
• Free access to networking events
• Participation in an alumni listserv
• Representation on Pacific Oaks Board of Trustees
• E Central Credit Union

Join Today:

Download a copy of the Alumni Association membership form.


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